Colour and Light

Colours can bring about and conjure up wonderful feelings and enhance your living space. The appearance of a colour depends on light. All types of light sources, from natural daylight to different electric lights, have different properties that can affect the appearance of any colour. This is why it’s very important to view the paint/samples under the same lighting conditions where the paint will be applied.

3 Categories of Colour

In any room, colour is broken down into three categories:
  • Primary – can take up to 75% of the room’s colour
  • Secondary – 30-35% and can be wall or furniture colour
  • Accent – 5-10% and can be a singular feature
When deciding on a colour scheme, you need to take all three categories into consideration in order to create a harmonious feeling. When you create a balanced and flowing colour scheme, you will live with it longer and be much happier with the results.

Colour Psychology

While the perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective, there are some standard colour effects that have universal meaning:


exciting, daring, intense, impulsive, active


adventure, energy, celebration, vibrant


energy, nature, ecology, balance, spring, vitality


sunshine, creativity, imagination, newness


water, sky, purity, peace, trust, loyalty, patience


earth, stability, harmony, home, comfortable, simple


mysterious, elegant, sexy, sophisticated


purity, calm, clean, fresh, modern, neat


passion, creativity, royalty, richness, inspiring




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