Turn on the Waterworks

Visit our showroom and talk to our experts in the plumbing and heating department. Our experts can help you start or finish any project. Whether your working is in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you need water, we have what you need or know where to get it.
WM Dyck & Sons Plumbing Department
  • We carry toilets, faucets, tub/showers, pumps, water heaters, water softeners, rough plumbing and heating/ventilation parts.
  • Competitive brands that cover any budget.
  • Sales team includes actual industry professionals you can trust.

Getting Started

By gaining a knowledge of how the three basic components work together, you not only gain a better insight of the entire system but also make future diagnostics much easier.
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We hear all kinds of questions and stories in our store from outright disasters to small triumphs. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common tips that work well.
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